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Frequently Asked Questions

What is recovery manager for Active Directory?

Recovery Manager for Active Directory. Recovery Manager helps you significantly reduce downtime and get affected users back to work quickly without restarting domain controllers. You’ll be able to eliminate downtime as well as negative impact on network users. Restore individual attributes, such as account settings,...

Why do I need an ad recovery tool?

You need an AD recovery tool to get you back up and running quickly. Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory is like an insurance plan for your AD environment. It enables you to pinpoint changes to your AD environment at the object and attribute level. Know what happened, who is impacted and what to roll back.

How do I recover from a Microsoft Active Directory disaster?

Flexible recovery methods include restoring AD to a clean OS and a Microsoft-compliant bare metal recovery. Microsoft Active Directory Disaster? Recover at Least Five Times Faster Here at Quest Software, we’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to help organizations like yours quickly recover from an A...

What is recoverymanager plus?

Back up your AD, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange environments from a single console and restore any object, site, or mailbox whenever you need it. Ensure 24/7 data availability 365 days a year across a variety of cloud and on-premises applications using RecoveryManager Plus.

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