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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rebatest and how does it work?

Rebatest found online at is a cashback, product trial and rebates websites that gives shoppers up to 100% refunds on selected Amazon products associated with the Rebatest site. How Does Rebatest Work? Rebatest partners with Amazon sellers who are willing to offer product trials to shoppers.

What are the best products to review on rebatest?

Some examples of the products that a member might be reviewing include earphones, smartwatches, swimwear, and home décor. It also includes very cheap products like belly wraps and nail clippers. It is as simple as that. But do not expect a sustainable income from doing product reviews, because like most GPT platforms, Rebatest is also low-paying.

Are there Other rebates available?

Other rebates are available but require a mail in application . List of qualifying products - Limit one rebate per household. List of qualifying products - Limit one rebate per household.

How do I submit my order to rebatest?

Follow the guide to the product page, then purchase it at full price on Amazon. Submit the order number on Rebatest within 30 minutes. Once the order is confirmed and the product arrives, try it and write down the feedback as a trial report on Rebatest.

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