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Frequently Asked Questions

What does rebate mean?

Rebates are a marketing strategy employed to create an incentive to keep purchasing. Differently from discounts, rebates are given after the sale is concluded. These rebates were normally sent by physical e-mail with an application that had to be filled and sent back in order to receive it.

What is the definition of rebate?

A rebate is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund on what has already been paid or contributed. It is a type of sales promotion that marketers use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales.

What is back end rebate?

A simple definition of a back-end rebate in the channel community is that rebates are essentially bonuses paid by vendor companies to partners who have met sales targets in stipulated or a pre-determined time frame. These are legal transactions, and are logged in the account books. The rebate policy, however, largely applies for volume sales.

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