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Frequently Asked Questions

How are zeros identified in a rational expression?

The zeros of a rational function may be found by substituting 0 for f(x) and solving for x. This is most easily done using the simplified rational function Asymptotes of Rational Functions (5.07) Asymptotes are imaginary lines on a graph that a function or equation approaches more and more closely.

Is every rational number a real number true or false?

The answer is false. Real number is a set of all the numbers. So each and every kind of number, rational or irrational will be considered as a real number. Rational numbers are numbers which can be expressed as fractions.

Where do you use rational numbers in real life?

All numbers are rational except of complex and irrational (π,root of imperfect numbers). So, rational numbers are used everywhere in real life leaving some special cases. Example 1 : Malachi hikes for 2.5 miles and stops for lunch.

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