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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best real estate website for real estate agents?

Founded in 2006 by two former Microsoft executives, Zillow offers the most robust suite of tools for buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, agents, and other home professionals. Zillows power and flexibility make it the best overall real estate website in our review.

Which is the best site to find reviews for a website?

1 Amazon Customer Reviews. 2 Angie's List. 3 Choice. 4 Trustpilot. 5 TestFreaks. 6 Which? 7 ConsumerReports. 8 TripAdvisor. 9 Yelp. 10 Google My Business. More items...

How many real estate websites do we review?

We reviewed 18 real estate sites based on the ease and performance of their search functions, the support features they offer, and their costs. Buying and selling a home can feel overwhelming without wondering which website to use. To give you a head start on your journey, we’ve selected the best real estate websites for your needs.

How to read real estate agent ratings left by other users?

After clicking on the hyperlink, searchers will be able to read real estate agent ratings left by other users. It is the official website of the National Association of Realtors and hosts the listings for land, homes, and rentals. It collects information from MLS.

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