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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Eric Fleming leave Rawhide?

In the eighth and final season of Rawhide, Fleming left the series after an apparent disagreement with the producers. Rawhide had fallen in the ratings, from sixth in 1960-61 to 13th, 22nd, then 44th. Eric Fleming, who played Favor, was let go.

Who played mushy on Rawhide?

Harkness Mushgrove III, better known as "Mushy", is a secondary character featured in the Rawhide series. He served as the assistant to wagon cook George Washington Wishbone as part of Gil Favor 's cattle drovers. He was portrayed by James Murdock.

Who played Rowdy Yates in Rawhide?

Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates. Set in the 1860s, Rawhide portrays the challenges faced by the drovers of a cattle drive. Most episodes are introduced with a monologue by Gil Favor (portrayed by Eric Fleming), trail boss.

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