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Frequently Asked Questions

What numbers are rational?

The rational numbers are all numbers that can be expressed as a fraction, that is, as the quotient of two whole numbers. The word ‘ rational ‘derives from the word’ reason ‘, which means proportion or quotient. For example: 1, 50, 4.99, 142.

What is the difference between rational and irrational numbers?

the basic difference between Rational and Irrational Numbers is that rational numbers are those which can be expressed as p/q form where p,q both are integers and always q≠0 while irrational numbers are those which cannot be written as p/q form where p and q are integers and q≠0. the rational and irrational both are real numbers.

What is the definition of rational math?

In everyday use, the word 'rational' usually means logical, and following reason. If someone is acting irrationally, they are acting in an unpredictable and illogical way. In mathematics, the word has a completely different meaning. It comes from the the word 'ratio'. A rational number is one that can be written as the ratio of two integers. An irrational number is the opposite, one that cannot be written as a ratio of two integers.

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