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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell rationale?

How do you spell rational? Rational (Logical or Reasonable) A rational thinker will always seek other opinions before making a decision. In both of these cases, “rational” is related to the idea of acting based on reason rather than emotion. The adverbial form of this word is “rationally,” and the opposite of “rational” is ...

What is the definition of rationale?

This is the principal research question that we address in this project. The view of voters as rational, meaning that they have stable preferences resting on wellfounded beliefs, has been heavily contested within political science in the last two decades.

What does rationale mean medical?

Write the nursing rationale next to each nursing intervention in the plan. The rationale is the "why" of the nursing care plan. It is the explanation you provide for performing a duty such as administering medications, irrigating a wound or orienting a patient to time and place.

What does rationales mean?

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has been a pivotal time for clinicians and trialists concerned with prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of ARDS.

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