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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use rational in a sentence?

Examples of Rational in a sentence. I cannot have a rational discussion with my delusional aunt. 🔊. According to the physician, there is no rational explanation for the disappearance of the tumor. 🔊. The defendant did not have a rational excuse to explain his vicious attack on the priest. 🔊.

What is the meaning of rationale?

Definition of rationale 1 : an explanation of controlling principles of opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena 2 : an underlying reason : basis Synonyms Did you know?

Can a rational person be a highly moral and responsible person?

It is certainly possible for a rationalagnostic to be a highly moral and responsible person. It comes from a perfectly rationalconviction that great powers never act out of pure altruism. With consciousness come moral beliefs, rationalarguments and self-awareness.

What is the rationale behind the strategy?

The first line is the rationale behind the strategy. The rationale for a coherent strategy is that each. An investment theme is a rationale for market behavior. My rationale was that since you and I will not partake. The rationale behind this approach is that reality is a. Their rationale would have been straightforward: the kind of.

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