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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started with rationalreasoning?

Therefore, you should start by signing up for a RationalReasoning account. If you've purchased a Pathways workbook, there should be instructions inside of the front cover of the workbook.

How do you assess human reasoning?

And so, human reasoning has been mostly assessed using deductive reasoning tasks in the form of syllogisms.

What is the main function of reasoning?

Specifically, for them, the main function of reasoning is argumentative. Its proper function is to devise and evaluate arguments in a communicative context to convince others who would otherwise not accept what one says on the basis of trust.

What are the gaps in human reasoning?

Additionally, this theory explains many of the seeming gaps in human reasoning such as the confirmation bias, laziness in reasoning, motivated reasoning, and the phenomenon of justification and rationalizationin reasoning tasks (Gigerenzer, 2018; Mercier & Sperber, 2017).

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