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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of 'logical reasoning'?

Logical Reasoning. Logical reasoning is the process of using a rational, systematic series of steps based on sound mathematical procedures and given statements to arrive at a conclusion. Geometric proofs use logical reasoning and the definitions and properties of geometric figures and terms to state definitively that something is always true.

What is the difference between rational and rationale?

As nouns the difference between rationale and rational is that rationale is an explanation of the basis or fundamental reasons for something while rational is (mathematics) a rational number: a number that can be expressed as the quotient of two integers. capable of reasoning.

What does 'reasoning from first principles mean'?

First principles thinking, which is sometimes called reasoning from first principles, is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated problems and generating original solutions. It also might be the single best approach to learn how to think for yourself.

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