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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study rational and radical functions?

Alongside this concept, students will factor and simplify rational expressions and functions to reveal domain restrictions and asymptotes. Students will become fluent in operating with rational and radical expressions and use the structure to model contextual situations.

What are the characteristics of rational equations?

In Topic B, students delve deeper into rational equations and functions and identify characteristics such as the -intercepts, asymptotes, and removable discontinuities based on the relationship between the degree of the numerator and denominator of the rational expression.

What are rational expressions in math APA?

A.APR.D.7 — Understand that rational expressions form a system analogous to the rational numbers, closed under addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by a nonzero rational expression; add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational expressions.

How do I get Started with rationalreasoning?

Therefore, you should start by signing up for a RationalReasoning account. If you've purchased a Pathways workbook, there should be instructions inside of the front cover of the workbook.

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