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Frequently Asked Questions

What are numbers considered as rational numbers?

Rational Numbers Types of Rational Numbers. A number is rational if we can write it as a fraction, where both denominator and numerator are integers and denominator is a non-zero number. Arithmetic Operations on Rational Numbers. ... Multiplicative Inverse of Rational Numbers. ... Rational Numbers Properties. ... Rational Numbers and Irrational Numbers. ...

Which numbers are rational?

Rational Numbers. A rational number is any number which can be written as the quotient of two integers. The set of all rational numbers is denoted by Q. A real number which is not rational is called irrational. Example. 1, 2/3, -9/17, and 2.45 (which is equal to 245/100) are all rational numbers.

How are rational numbers the same as integers?

All integers belong to the rational numbers . A rational number is a number Where a and b are both integers. The number 4 is an integer as well as a rational number. As it can be written without a decimal component it belongs to the integers. It is a rational number because it can be written as: is a rational number but not an integer.

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