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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vanderbilt University a good school?

Vanderbilt is an academic school, and that is a good thing. If you need to study, as you certainly will, you can do that without be interrupted. There are a multitude of great study nooks all around the campus. That being said, Vanderbilt isn;t just about academics. It's a vibrant living and learning community.

Why is Vanderbilt University so prestigious?

Why is Vanderbilt so prestigious? Vanderbilt is quite prestigious as enrollment is both limited and competitive. Also, Nashville provides an excellent general environment that is less expensive than the northeast but with all the extras. Teaching is rewarded and living is organized around undergraduate liberal arts study.

Which University is better, Vanderbilt or UVA?

Vanderbilt has really come up in the rankings over the last couple of decades, and I would have assumed it's generally considered more prestigious than UVA. #14 (Vandy) vs. #25 (UVA) This isn’t a real big difference for those who care about this. You should care about the department more tha. This.

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