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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the ft’s Business School Rankings measure?

The FT’s business school rankings, like some others, have long assessed factors such as gender and international diversity among students, faculty and leadership. More recently, they have sought to track the extent to which environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated into teaching.

What are the rankings based on?

The rankings are based on information collected in two separate surveys. The first is of the business schools and the second of alumni who completed their degrees in 2018. For a school to be eligible for the rankings, at least 20 per cent of its alumni must respond to the FT survey, with a minimum of 20 completed surveys.

Does the ft publish the Masters in finance rankings in 2019?

The FT did not publish the Masters in Finance rankings in 2019. All alumni criteria use information collected from 2021 and, if available, 2020. Responses from 2021 carry 60 per cent of the total weight and those from 2020 account for 40 per cent, except for salary data which is 50 per cent for each year.

Is there a ranking system for business schools?

There is no attempt to provide an overall ranking: the methodologies vary, data are imperfect and the timeframes and breadth of analysis (sometimes business schools; at other times their wider university) are not directly comparable. Instead, schools are listed in alphabetical order.

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