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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with myhockey rankings?

MYHockey Rankings (MHR) is continuing its pledge to provide the youth hockey community with enhanced ways to view the rankings data. We have implemented several new enhancements to go along with our rankings… MYHockey Week #6 Rankings are now available.

Did US News change its ranking methodology in 2021?

U.S. News has changed its methodology, and there are some significant changes, especially after the top 30-35 places in the rankings. The organization deserves considerable credit for the changes in 2020 and, even more, for those made in 2021. The new methodology definitely mitigates some of the worst effects of the old ranking system.

How many teams are in the MHR rankings?

MHR now has over 9,515 teams that qualify for the rankings, an increase of… CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO OF THE DRILL After our six-week off-ice stickhandling progression, it’s time to take it to the ice (or your online skates) for our Drill of the Week 7, powered by Kenny…

When will the rtx2021-22 rankings be released?

2021-22 Rankings will be Released Wednesday September 29, 2021. Prior to this release, you can find the pre-season team listings and/or previous season rankings below.

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