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Frequently Asked Questions

What is random name generator?

Name Randomizer. Random Name Generator is a true name randomizer. It randomizes over a huge list or real life firstnames and surnames, and makes random boys and girls names. The randomizer is based on the 3000 most used American names mixed and re-combined by a random function and complex random algorithms.

What is the word generator?

Generator(noun) one who, or that which, generates, begets, causes, or produces. Generator(noun) an apparatus in which vapor or gas is formed from a liquid or solid by means of heat or chemical process, as a steam boiler, gas retort, or vessel for generating carbonic acid gas, etc.

What is a random word?

The word random can be a noun or an adjective , but it’s most commonly used as an adjective. Below are some meanings of random as an adjective , from the OED : “ Not sent or guided in a special direction; having no definite aim or purpose; made, done, occurring, etc., at haphazard. “. “Statistics.

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