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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Rampart?

Definition of rampart. 1: a protective barrier: bulwark. 2: a broad embankment raised as a fortification and usually surmounted by a parapet.

What is Ramport used for?

About RamPort RamPort is the University’s portal that provides students and employees convenient access to relevant content, tools, and services. The RamPort experience is personalized to each user. For previews of what RamPort may look like for different types of users, please review the RamPort screenshots.

What is a castle rampart?

Canons on a castle rampart. The definition of a rampart is a defensive or protective barrier, especially a protective wall around a castle or city made of stone with a broad top that serves as a walkway.

What is an example of a rampart wall?

An example of a rampart is a big stone wall around a palace where the king lives that has a flat top so the guards can walk along the top of in order to watch what is going on below. A means of protection or defense; a bulwark. To fortify or surround with a rampart.

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