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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ramport used for?

About RamPort RamPort is the University’s portal that provides students and employees convenient access to relevant content, tools, and services. The RamPort experience is personalized to each user. For previews of what RamPort may look like for different types of users, please review the RamPort screenshots.

Who is Rampart Casino?

The team of professionals that make up Rampart Casino consists of some of the most accomplished, innovative and committed individuals in the gaming industry. Many different careers are built here.

What is the rampart PD?

The Rampart PD not only makes sure these individuals are safe, but they also support this organization by protecting them during their domestic violence awareness celebrations that are open to the public. It really shows how much these police officers care about their community.

What is the most organized and on Target department at Rampart?

I have had multiple dealings with most divisions of this stations but, I must say that the Narcotics Division is the most organized and on target department at rampart. Detective Hanabusa and Detective Yi are 100% on their game and truly care about the community.

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