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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name of rampion?

Rampion is a common name for several plants, including:- 1 Campanula rapunculus, a species of wildflower formerly cultivated as a vegetable 2 Physoplexis comosa, tufted horned rampion 3 Phyteuma, a genus of wildflowers More ...

Why choose rampion enterprises?

Rampion Enterprises Ltd. has been successfully distributing sports products and apparel for both retail and corporate for over 35 years. Rampion prides itself on providing quality goods with exceptional service to meet all customer’s needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our popular brands.

What kind of ship is the Rampion?

The Rampion is a 214 Rampion, Class 11.3 cargo ship. Originally owned by the American Republic, the ship was stolen by Carswell Thorne, who then claimed it as his own. "When he'd deserted the military, he'd left half a dozen cadets and two commanding officers stranded on an island in the Caribbean ."

What is the Rampion fund?

The fund was launched in 2017 to provide financial support to worthwhile local community projects. It is being independently managed by the Sussex Community Foundation. Rampion has become a local landmark with links to communities throughout the south coast.

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