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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students join Quizlet live?

Students need to JOIN Quizlet Live. There are multiple ways for students to join. The students can simply go to and put in the 6 digit code you share with them. Alternatively, if students have the Quizlet App on their mobile device they can scan a QR code.

How to use Quizlet live for remote classrooms?

Pick a Quizlet study set and let Quizlet Live generate a game for you in seconds. Invite students by sharing the join code. Watch them compete and learn together! Using Quizlet Live for remote classrooms?

What is Quizlet live?

Also in 2016, Quizlet launched "Quizlet Live", a real-time online matching game where teams compete to answer all 12 questions correctly without an incorrect answer along the way.

What is quizlets?

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