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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask a question to the auditor at the AGM?

The company’s auditor is entitled to attend the AGM. Any member who can vote at the AGM may submit a written question to the auditor. However, a member must submit their question at least five days before the AGM and ensure it relates to the report being considered. The company will pass on the question to the auditor for the auditor to address.

What is the purpose of AGM?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting where company members and directors meet to discuss the company’s affairs. It gives all individuals involved in the company the opportunity to participate in company affairs. Further, it provides a forum to share information, discussions and decision-making.

What is the quorum for an AGM?

The quorum of a meeting is two members (unless the company constitution specifies another number) and that quorum must be present at all times during the meeting (including proxies). Documents that the company must present at the AGM include the: Auditor’s report.

How do I open the AGM?

Open the AGM with a formal greeting. During this greeting, make sure that the meeting agenda and annual reports are being distributed to the attendees. Declare the meeting to be open. As you do so, state the organization's full name and the current AGM number (the twenty-second Annual General Meeting, the thirty-nine Annual General Meeting, etc.).

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