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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes purcotton make-up wipes?

A cosmetics company in China was forced to pull an advert for make-up removal wipes after it prompted a widespread backlash on social media for victim-blaming . Produced by Chinese cotton brand Purcotton, the advert shows a woman being stalked in a dim-light alley.

Who is purcotton owned by?

Purcotton, which is owned by Winner Medical Group, has more than 240 stores in China and an estimated 20 million customers, according to the company's website.

Does purcotton's new commercial promote makeup removal?

Purcotton, a Chinese company that manufactures makeup removing wipes, recently released a new commercial which features a young woman attempting to defend herself against pending assault by removing her makeup. In the commercial, a young woman nervously walks down the street at night while a man wearing a ball cap and face mask walks behind her.

What is purpurcotton's 'cleaning' video about?

Purcotton originally defended the advertisement as a creative way to advertise the "cleaning function of the product," but as the calls for a boycott grew, the company removed the video from their accounts and eventually apologized on January 8.

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