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Frequently Asked Questions

What does purcor do?

Along with general pest control, we specialize in humane, effective, and environmentally sensitive methods to control nuisance wildlife around Oregon properties. PURCOR is here to shape the evolution of pest control.

Why choose puracore®?

Puracore® can supply and deliver complete cleanroom solutions with a range of FM approved components, including walls, ceilings, doors, windows and ancillaries. As one of the world’s leading cleanroom panel manufacturers Puracore® manufacture for a wide range of applications from automotive spray booths to research laboratories.

What is blueproduce pure-core?

Produced with a blue exterior and natural interior, it meets the requirements by an increasing number of cities to color-code water lines. It connects water service main-to-meters and meter-to-house. Pure-Core is easily joined to water mains, pumps and meters using fittings specifically designed for PE pipe.

Why choose purcor Pest Solutions?

At PURCOR™, protecting families and homes from pests across the Northwest is our #1 priority. Your business is your lifeline. PURCOR Pest Solutions helps protect your customers, employees, reputation, and bottom line from the threat of pest infestations.

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