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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose purcor Pest Solutions?

At PURCOR™, protecting families and homes from pests across the Northwest is our #1 priority. Your business is your lifeline. PURCOR Pest Solutions helps protect your customers, employees, reputation, and bottom line from the threat of pest infestations.

What does purcor do?

Along with general pest control, we specialize in humane, effective, and environmentally sensitive methods to control nuisance wildlife around Oregon properties. PURCOR is here to shape the evolution of pest control.

Why choose Whitworth Pest Solutions?

Whitworth Pest Solutions was founded on the premise that honest, ethical pest control was the only way the business should be run—and that is what Whitworth has continued to practice. Today, Whitworth Pest Solutions is proud to provide the same quality pest control services as part of the evolution of pest control with PURCOR.

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