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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purcolor and how does it work?

When receiving a signal processor compares several points, but between them free pixels and fills them in the most suitable color. That’s how achieved higher quality color reproduction. The Purcolor system is patented by Samsung as a commercial name.

What is dynamic crystal colour?

With Dynamic Crystal Colour, you’re treated to exceptionally detailed action that’s packed with vivid colour. Just how it should be. Like any good team, Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR work together to deliver the best.

What is dynamic crystal colour in Samsung TVs?

Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Colour technology unlocks a huge spectrum of stunning hues and colourful tones in your TV screen. The result? Lifelike, vibrant and detailed pictures, whatever you’re sitting down to watch. Find out how these wonderful displays bring you spectacular colour. Life is better in colour. Samsung agree.

What is purpurcolor on my TV?

Purcolor is a program installed on the TV that additionally processes the image to improve the image quality. Not used in televisions with high-quality screens and a color depth of 10 bits.

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