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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purcolor TV technology?

PurColor®: PurColor technology allows your TV to express millions of shades of color for optimal picture performance. While other TVs only focus on the primaries red, green, and blue, PurColor implements secondary colors like magenta, cyan, and yellow.

What is purcolor and how does it work?

When receiving a signal processor compares several points, but between them free pixels and fills them in the most suitable color. That’s how achieved higher quality color reproduction. The Purcolor system is patented by Samsung as a commercial name.

What is purcolor in Samsung H series TV?

What is PurColor in Samsung H Series TV? PurColor feature in Samsung TV allows the TV to express most shades of color as nature intended for optimal picture performance. Most TV's focus on the adjustment points of primary colors Red, Green and Blue. PurColor focuses on primary and secondary colors Magenta, Cyan and Yellow.

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