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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purco SA tender Directory?

This directory shows suppliers listed on the PURCO SA Tender Database, and the categories for which they will receive tender notifications. Tender notifications are sent to the email address provided when the supplier registered. These suppliers do not necessarily have contracts with PURCO SA or any of its Member Institutions.

Who are purco's members?

Our members include all South African and Namibian public universities and their allied institutions, as well as private higher education institutions and TVET Colleges. The recording from our PURCO SA Ponder online event on 1 September is available.

What is the purco system?

The PurCo System eliminates your uncollectable damages. As partners in loss prevention we work with you to improve damage collections and help decrease customer complaints.

Why purco SA management consultancy?

The PURCO SA Management Consultancy can help you with your most critical challenges. HE Collaboration. Support. Saving. Serving higher education members and suppliers through collaboration.

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