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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PUR coatings?

PUR coatings are the materials of choice for high-quality plastics coatings. Solvent-based systems are being increasingly replaced by modern high-solids or solvent-free systems, and two-component waterborne PUR systems are now widely used in a variety of applications. 47

What is polyurethane/PUR?

What is Polyurethane / PUR? Polyurethane, also referred to as PUR, PU, and TPU, is a thermoplastic material used in wire and cable construction. Polyurethane is often utilized as a jacketing material for harsh environments as it has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

What does Pur mean in plumbing?

PUR - Internal Polyurethane. PUR. The PUR range from DN 100 to 2000 features a polyurethane coating deposited on the pipes in the factory. The ends, socket and spigot, are protected by a thick epoxy coating. This PUR range is intended for use with highly aggressive water with respect to cement mortar.

How is the Pam Pur pipe coated?

The polyurethane used by PAM is a solvent-free two-component system. The pipe is heated to a temperature at which the coating can be sprayed on. For pipes in the PAM PUR range: – the inside of the pipe barrel is coated with polyurethane, – the outside of the spigot and socket are coated with zinc-rich paint and epoxy.

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