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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimum pH for ptyalin?

The optimum conditions for ptyalin activity are a pH range of 5.6-6.9, a temperature of 378C, and the presence of certain anions and activators, such as chloride, bromide, and iodide Ptyalin definition is - an amylase found in the saliva of many animals that converts starch into sugar Ptyalin works best at a pH of 6.9.

What is the function of ptyalin?

The main function of ptyalin is to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into maltose and dextrin. Following are the steps in the process of digestion of carbohydrate in buccal cavity, showing the action of Ptyalin: Boiled starch + Ptyalin = Soluble starch. Soluble starch + Ptyalin = Erythrodextrin + Maltose.

What does ptyalin mean?

Ptyalin is a protein found in saliva that breaks down the insoluble starch found in foods into smaller, soluble sugar fragments. This is another name for the amylase found in saliva, known as salivary amylase.

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