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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ptosis and how is it caused?

Ptosis occurs due to dysfunction of the muscles that raise the eyelid or their nerve supply (oculomotor nerve for levator palpebrae superioris and sympathetic nerves for superior tarsal muscle).

What causes ptosis, and how is it corrected?

Ptosis occurs due to direct or indirect trauma to the levator muscle. Penetrating injuries involving the levator can be repaired immediately. However, ptosis secondary to blunt trauma may resolve spontaneously over time. Ptosis which does not improve after 6 months can have surgical repair.

What does ptosis stand for?

Definition Ptosis is the term used for a drooping upper eyelid. The eyelids serve to protect and lubricate the outer eye. There are two types of ptosis, acquired and congenital. Ptosis may occur because the levator muscle's attachment to the lid is weakening with age. The primary symptom of ptosis is a drooping eyelid.

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