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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APA advocacy?

APA represents the largest and most visible national presence advocating for psychology at the federal level. APA advocacy efforts are guided by the Advocacy Coordinating Committee, which evaluates and prioritizes advocacy goals for the discipline of psychology and the professions of psychologists in scientific, educational,...

Does advocacy improve mental health outcomes of domestic violence and abuse survivors?

Background: Experience of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is associated with mental illness. Advocacy has little effect on mental health outcomes of female DVA survivors and there is uncertainty about the effectiveness of psychological interventions for this population.

Can advocates deliver psychological interventions to DVA survivors?

Objective: To test effectiveness of a psychological intervention delivered by advocates to DVA survivors. Design, masking, setting, participants: Pragmatic parallel group individually randomized controlled trial of normal DVA advocacy vs. advocacy + psychological intervention.

What are the core activities of advocacy?

The core activities of advocacy are provision of legal, housing and financial advice, facilitating access to and use of community resources such as refuges or shelters, emergency housing, provision of safety planning advice, and ongoing support. The duration and intensity of advocacy varies within and between agencies.

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