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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download PS4 games with PSX download helper?

Go to PSX download helper settings tab. Click on Folder, Select the folder where you saved your downloaded PS4 Game then Apply your settings. Start the download in your PS4 console and watch closely how fast it downloads. Also, take note of PSX app and the activities running.

How do I change the language of PSX download helper?

Remember PSX Download Helper is open. Click on the Big White button. Go to the 5th tab which is Settings. Find the sliding menu and select English. Restart app!

How to download PSX files directly to PC?

Using PSX Link Generator to get direct download links. Capture download link with IDM and start downloading. Download complete, Start the transfer. Done! PC or laptop with Internet Download Manager installed. A working internet connection inside a smartphone, modem, MiFi or router.

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