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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PSL in pipe?

But what is PSL? PSL stands for Product Specification Levels. PSL stands for Product Specification Levels. Pipes are used in different types of environments such as corrosive and non-corrosive. Pipes used in the severe corrosive environments required material that can withstand such process conditions.

What is the difference between PSL1 and PSL2?

PSL is referred to as the level of product specification. The product specification of the pipeline is divided into PSL1 and PSL2, there is a difference of only a single word, but the content of these two standards are completely different.

Does psl-1 meet API spec 6A requirements?

API Spec 6A specifically states, product specification levels do not apply to ring gaskets or studs and nuts. A summary of what PSL's designate follows: PSL-1Equipment meets the minimum requirements of API Spec 6A for:

What does * mean on a PSL beam load?

* Indicates Total Loadvalue controls. DO NOT cut, notch, or drill holes in Parallam®Plus PSL except as indicated in the Trus Joist®Beams, Headers, and Columns Specifier's Guide, TJ-9000. Trus Joist®Parallam Plus PSL Specifier's Guide TJ-7102 |14June 20 7 Beam load TaBleS General Notes ■able is based on: T – Uniform loads (beam weight considered).

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