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Frequently Asked Questions

Which League does PSG play for?

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, also known simply as Paris Saint-Germain and familiarly as Paris SG or PSG, is a professional association football club based in Paris, France. The capital club was founded in 1970, thanks to the merger of Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain. PSG has been playing in Ligue 1 since 1974.

Who is captain in PSG?

Silva, the current PSG captain, drew criticism in some quarters when he skippered Brazil at the World Cup and opted to sit alone during his country's penalty shootout victory over Chile in the round of 16.

What country is PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (French pronunciation: ​[paʁi sɛ̃ ʒɛʁmɛ̃]), commonly known as Paris Saint-Germain, Paris SG, or simply PSG, is a French professional football club based in the city of Paris.

When was PSG founded?

Professional Services Group (PSG) is a Wisconsin for-profit service corporation founded in 1982 to provide both traditional and non-traditional community-based treatment, support, education, supervision, and case management services for at-risk youth and their families.

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