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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 202022 KP Northern California provider manual go into effect?

2022 KP Northern California Provider Manuals and Related Notices Effective January 1, 2022 Welcome, Providers! Important:Click here for updates on Kaiser Permanente’s response to the coronavirus and important provider messages COVID-19 Announcements Claims status can only be obtained through one of our self-service tools.

What is the Kaiser Permanente provider referral program?

It is offered to assist providers that may come into contact with members, including both contracted providers and those who do not otherwise have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members.

Do providers have contracts with Kaiser Permanente?

Providers that do have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members must exclusively consult their contract and related provider manual(s) for final determination of any issue addressed on this site.

What if I have technical issues with KP online-affiliate?

If you are experiencing technical issues please contact the Help Desk at 888-457-4872 and let them know you are a Northern California Online Affiliate user. KP Online-Affiliate can also be accessed by iPads running iOS 9 or later using the Safari browser and Android tablets using the Chrome browser.

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