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Frequently Asked Questions

What is promo?

Definition of promo : a promotional announcement, blurb, or appearance informal : something (such as an announcement, a brief film, or an appearance) that is used to advertise or promote something (such as a new book or movie)

How do I make a promo video?

The Promo Video Maker from is the easiest way to make a promo video to promote your event, business, or company. Create original promotional videos for social media campaigns from scratch or use one of our professional promo video templates to get started and create a promotional ad in a few minutes.

What is the promo ad maker?

With our promo ad maker, you can simplify your video creation process to create promotional ads that compete with the top names in your industry at a price that works for you. Our video maker is powered by the Getty Images library, which allows you to use any footage you need to create the ultimate promo video.

What is the verb for promotion?

Informal. promotion (def. 5). of, relating to, or involving the promotion of a product, event, etc.; promotional. verb (used with object), pro·moed, pro·mo·ing. to promote (def. 5). Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up. Good luck!

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