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What are the 7000 promises in the Bible?

What are the 7000 promises of God? The Bible has more than 7,000 promises from God to you — promises of success, confidence, health, prosperity, strength, wisdom, and more. Why does God make these promises? Because he wants you to learn to trust him. What are all the promises of God in the Bible? 162 Promises of God from Scripture. his help and guidance,

What is the promise in the Bible?

Promises of God in the Old Testament. God promised to bless Abraham and, through his descendants, the whole world (Genesis 12:2–3). This promise, called the Abrahamic Covenant, pointed to the coming Messiah for whom Abraham looked (John 8:56). God promised Israel to be their God and make them His people (Leviticus 26:12–13).

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