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Frequently Asked Questions

What software is compatible with Microsoft Office?

Kingsoft Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. It includes free Writer (word processor) that supports editing .doc and .docx, free Spreadsheets (Excel alternative) that supports editing.xls and .xlsx, and free Presentation (PPT creating software) which can edit .ppt and .pptx.

What programs make Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office typically includes the following programs: Access: Database management program. Excel: Spreadsheet program. OneNote: Note taking program. Outlook: Personal information managers and communications program (e-mail, contacts, schedules, documents) PowerPoint: Presentation graphics program.

What is a free software like Microsoft Office?

OpenOffice is an open source free office suite which is a powerful alternative for Microsoft Office software. The interface and look-and-feel of Open office very closely resembles that of Microsoft Office.

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