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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Program Files?

To find a program, press WINKEY-r, type the program name, and press ENTER. This doesn't always work. If it doesn't, you'll have to use the Modern interface technique described above. You can look for files in File Explorer, which you can always start by clicking the folder icon on the taskbar.

Why is it called Program Files x86?

Only with ‘Program Files (x86)’, the folder name is only created when running on a 64-bit operating system. This means it does not, or should not exist when running a 32-bit operating system. This is because the ‘Program Files (x86)’ was created to simply provide you the location of your 32-bit software on your 64-bit operating system.

Should I delete Program Files (x86)?

You cannot delete them,if you delete it would screw up the computer.Generally Program files is for 64 bit installed programs and Program files(X86 ) is for 32 bit programs installed. Use disk cleanup utility with system files to free up space.

Where are the Program Files folder located?

By default, the Program Files folder is found on the root directory of the primary hard drive, with the C:\Program Files path. To open this folder on your computer, follow the steps below. Open File Explorer.

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