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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play prodigy?

You can play the Prodigy Math game by creating a game account, accessing your class code, logging in and creating a custom wizard character for the fantasy-themed math adventure. Complete the math games in order to move through the material. Games include math-themed battles where you fight with numbers.

Is prodigy free for teachers?

Prodigy is free for students to play, and there is no cost at all for teachers to implement it. However, a premium membership is available for families to purchase for $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year.

What happened to Prodigy Internet?

What happened to Prodigy Internet. Prodigy was a late 1980s online service that later morphed into an Internet service provider. It survived into the early 2000s but faded as its business model disappeared.

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