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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prodigy math?

Prodigy is an online math game and education platform that is used by millions of students, parents, and teachers across the world. Students log in to Prodigy's online game to play and learn math.

How do students sign up for Prodigy?

There are two ways a student can be signed up for Prodigy: through their parent/teacher's account, or independently through the game. When students are signed up for the game through a parent or teacher's account the parent/teacher is asked to enter the student's name (first name and last name or last initial), and Prodigy asks the student for:

Is there a new arena on Prodigy math?

The NEW Arena — Prodigy’s Biggest Revamp Ever! We’re thrilled to announce a HUGE Prodigy Math Game update. The Prodigy Arena revamp is now open! Ready to explore?

What is a prodigy username?

A fictional avatar name that students can select from a pre-specified list of options (e.g. Billy Summerwalker) Prodigy automatically generates a unique username based on the student's first name, last initial, and a number (e.g. AlexP57).

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