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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prodigy math?

Prodigy delivers a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. Players can earn rewards, go on quests and play with friends — all while learning new skills!

How can I use prodigy for Education?

You can use Prodigy to turn playtime into education time. Premium members level up faster, spend more time answering math questions and get exclusive access to pets, member-only game areas and extra rewards. To sign up today, visit

What is learn math and booster prodigy for mathematicians?

Learn Math and booster prodigy for mathematicians excel metal mathematic train your brain and become expert in solving problems the best trainer for you add , subtract, multiply and divide draw number Available instantly on compatible devices. Available instantly on compatible devices.

How many skills are available in prodigy math?

• 1,400 available skills give students the chance to learn more and keep growing. For a full list of the skills Prodigy supports, visit

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