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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Procore?

Learn Procore's Project Management tools as a Procore Administrator. Improve project predictability by taking 3D models out of the office and putting them in the hands of the people installing and validating work in the field. Learn how to use Procore's tools as a superintendent and discover best practices.

What's new in Procore's submittals tool?

Take a deep dive into the new PDF Markup functionality in Procore’s Submittals Tool. Review the two time capture methods in Procore, as well as the pros and cons of each method. Listen to tips and best practices for managing Cost-Plus and GMP contract types in Procore.

What is Procore preconstruction tools used for?

Learn Procore's Preconstruction Tools as a project manager at a General Contractor. Buildr connects construction and post-construction by improving closeout and project delivery. Create, send, collect, and track lien waivers and releases with other documentation in Procore.

Does ProCare software offer free child care enrollment forms?

At Procare Software, we’ve been offering child care enrollment forms, application forms, sign-in sheets, bus run sheets, and preschool activity sheets to our clients for several years. To help you better support your business, we’re now offering these forms for free to anyone in the child care industry.

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