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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the ERP icons mean in Procore?

- Procore What do the ERP icons mean? For companies using the ERP Integrations tool, color-coded icons and ribbons appear in relevant areas of Procore. This visually highlights your system's ERP integration data, to help you quickly identify its current state.

What can I do with Procore integration?

A cloud-based integration with core accounting, job costing, payroll, and purchasing applications. Easily sync master records, cost codes, change orders, vendors, and more from Procore into Explorer Eclipse. Enable an automated Accounts Payable Process to post and retrieve financial data from Procore.

How can Procore help with lien waivers and releases?

Create, send, collect, and track lien waivers and releases alongside other project documentation in Procore. Ensure data quality while reducing cost with an automated, near real-time, two-way integration. Minimise human error and double entry by connecting your Construction Financials and MYOB.

Why Procore appmarketplace?

"Procore reduces risk, keeps everyone on the same page, and allows us to spend more time on higher-value activities." Connect with a real Procore expert via email, chat, or phone support in less than a minute. Connect to 300+ out-of-the-box integrations you already use and love in the Procore AppMarketplace.

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