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Frequently Asked Questions

When to probate a will in Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't give a deadline for when probate must be filed after someone dies. There is no penalty for holding onto a will, which means they may come forward at any time. However, most estates will file quickly if the heirs are anxious to have the process settled. Probate is handled in the Trial Courts of Tennessee.

How much are probate fees in Tennessee?

In most cases the court costs in the Middle Tennessee area for probate will be under $500. The other costs of probate are primarily attorney and accountant fees, which can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands depending on the complexity of the estate.

What are probate laws in Tennessee?

Probate Laws in Tennessee. If a will exists, the probate courts determine its validity. Debts owed by the deceased person are paid from the estate and the remainder is distributed according to the terms of the will. In Tennessee, the probate court also presides over guardianships, name changes, emancipations and legitimations.

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