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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in California probate?

Steps Determine if there is a probate estate. In some instances, decedent’s property passes outside of his or her probate estate. Calculate the value of the probate estate. Add up the value of everything that does not pass outside of the probate estate. Determine how you will transfer the decedent’s property.

What are the rules for probate court in California?

Generally, the rules regarding probate are found in the California Probate Code, the local rules for each superior court in the State of California and various tax codes and regulations. Each task in the probate process must be performed in accordance with the requirements of California law and the various tax rules.

When is probate not necessary in California?

Under California probate laws, it is not always necessary for the deceased person’s property to pass through the probate process. For instance, probate is not necessary if: The estate is too small (the cap in California is $150,000) The asset was held in a living trust.

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