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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I handle probate without a lawyer?

The simple answer is... yes! For the vast majority of probate cases, an attorney is not required. In fact, anyone can interact with the court system and you do not need a lawyer to do so. However, there may be times when a lawyer is necessary.

Do you need a probate lawyer?

No state requires you to hire a lawyer for probate, but under certain conditions it will be helpful to do so. To probate a will can mean two different things. First, there is the process of proving the validity of the will.

What will the probate lawyer do?

If an individual dies with a will, a probate lawyer may be hired to advise parties, such as the executor of the estate or a beneficiary, on various legal matters. For instance, an attorney may review the will to ensure the will wasn't signed or written under duress (or against the best interests of the individual).

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