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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill out probate forms without attorney?

The simple answer is... yes! For the vast majority of probate cases, a lawyer is not required to probate a will. In fact, anyone can interact with the court system and you can do probate without a lawyer. However, there may be times when a lawyer is necessary during probate.

Do I have to file in probate court?

To begin the probate process, you must file the will with the probate court. Probate court rules and practices can differ from state to state and even county to county. If the decedent left a will but the estate doesn’t have any assets subject to probate, the law still requires you to file the will.

Does property have to go through probate court?

A will does not have to go through probate unless there is a transfer of assets by the person who wrote the will, notes Legal Zoom. Some states allow small estates to go through simplified versions of probate.

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