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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probate 850 petition?

A Petition under Probate Code §850 is commenced with the filing of a verified petition which states the facts on which the claim is based and includes the names and addresses of each person entitled to notice of the petition. After the filing of the Petition, the clerk will set the matter for hearing.

What is area code 850 from?

Area code 850 is found in the US state of Florida. Primarily servicing the city of Tallahassee (population: 283752), area code 850 covers 18 counties of Florida. Parts of this area code are located in the Eastern time zone, while others are in the Central time zone.

What is 850 petition in California?

Probate Code §850 Petitions. In California, a special type of probate petition known as a “Probate Code §850 Petition” allows you to transfer property into or out of a trust.

What are the probate laws in California?

California probate laws govern the process through which a person’s estate is distributed after they are deceased. In order to probate a will in California, there needs to be a person who can come forward and initiate the process on behalf of the deceased party.

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